OVW Tribal Affairs Division New Grantee Orientation

The New Grantee Orientation (NGO) is designed to strengthen the grantee’s ability to successfully implement their grant projects, increase their understanding of project impact within their community, and support the ability of the tribal government and community to respond effectively towards domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking and sex trafficking. Who should attend? Newly funded Tribal Governments Program grantees, Tribal Sexual Assault Services grantees, Tribal Jurisdiction grantees and new project directors and staff of programs previously funded under the above grant programs. Go to: https://www.tadngo.com/ for more information.

Reclaiming Identity: The Power of Who We Think We Are

How do we reclaim our own stories and the story of our community? This presentation will focus on ways we can undo who we are not and the power of reclaiming who we really are. We as all people, especially Indigenous People, can have no higher thought than who we think we are and who our communities are. In this webinar, Christina Love, ANDVSA Senior Specialist, will share the importance of story and how we see ourselves and the communities that grow us, including the importance of strong roots and some of the liberating practices that she has learned from growing back into community. Presented by Christina Love, Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

Assessment Tools Webinar, Part 1: Native Alliance Against Violence

What is a survey? What are the advantages vs. disadvantages? This webinar will answer these questions as well as things to consider – the why, what, who, how of surveying; types of questions; informed consent; and analyzing data for program/policy development and/or improvement. Examples of post-training and community surveys will be provided. We’ll help programs understand the difference between program assessment for improvement and evaluative research type activities.

Positive Indigenous Parenting Webinar: Red Wind Consulting

Parenting is often affected when domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or sex trafficking has happened. Whether parenting issues are ongoing due to abusive relationship or are ongoing due to generational trauma we need to support our victims/ survivors as they develop new skills to increase success for our indigenous youth. What does positive parenting for indigenous parents look like? This webinar will discuss small steps we can make in our homes, schools and communities that will have a lasting positive change in children and teens on the reservations. Many of our parents struggle with disciplining, setting boundaries and how to support children who have been through trauma. Stepping away from the blaming of our own parents and connecting with our ancestors to set things right for the next generation is what is webinar is all about.

Sex Trafficking in Indian Country and Alaska Webinar, Part 1: IAFN

This virtual TA session will expose the nature of sex trafficking of Native people in reservation, rural, urban and village communities. During this session we will discuss a general overview of definitions, recruitment tactics, survivor realities and the role advocates and services providers can offer to impact this multi-million-dollar industry. By introducing the unique cultural impacts and limitations of Native communities, this webinar will present true-to-life experiences that come from historical and contemporary coercive tactics and methods.