Available Assistance and Training for Tribal Programs

Tribal COVID-19 Coalition Technical Assistance Project

The goals of the Tribal COVID-19 Coalition Technical Assistance Project are built-upon the restoration of safety for Native people. This project provides technical assistance, activities, and materials that will support Tribal SA/DV programs better respond to the many changes that have occurred in their programs and services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These project activities are designed to provide information and support to enhance the capacity of advocates, programs, Tribal community members, allied organizations and/ or services providers in their response to and the response and prevention of violence during and after a public disaster like COVID-19.

Survivor Financial Support Project

The MSH Survivor Financial Support Project assists by disseminating funds to assist in meeting survivors’ basic needs and address the financial impact of experiencing domestic or sexual violence compounded by the immeasurable impacts of theCOVID-19 pandemic. This program is available to survivors of SA/DV and intersecting violence that are living in Minnesota. Approved applicants can request a one-time financial support for childcare, housing, transportation, and other costs to reduce barriers to their safety, using a simple online application.

Cultural Outreach, Engagement, and Prevention Project

The goal of this project includes identifying and prioritizing the best outreach, education, engagement, and prevention practices in collaboration with tribal leadership, media, and tribal community members. MSH provides efficient and effective support services to ensure that Natives in Minnesota and across Turtle Island have access to educational prevention resources, engagement/outreach strategies, and sovereign-based collaborative support networks that reflect the best of culture anti-violence problem-solving ways woven tightly with traditional cultural practices.

Special Projects

DV/SA program includes a culturally specific safety audit on correlation with the Minnesota criminal justice system response. This project focuses on collaboration with tribal leadership across Minnesota to conduct focus groups and interviews on Native specific responses to systemic and institutionalized responses that are meant to serve Indigenous communities often without tribal consultation for processes and implementation that are survivor and culturally based. Also, a Tribal Advocate Wellness Assessment project has been developed to support those who are working within the anti-violence movement, in wellness, to provide advocacy that is traditionally focused on healing, trust, and the Seven Sacred Values of Being


Mending the Sacred Hoop Coalition is a statewide Tribal Domestic Violence Coalition serving all state and federally-recognized tribal communities as well as rural and urban programs in the state of Minnesota. Our mission is to eliminate violence against Native women and its effects by promoting justice and the restoration of the traditional status of Indigenous women. The Coalition exists to build the capacity of survivors, advocates, tribal and urban Native organizations, and all those working across the state of Minnesota to end violence against Native women. Our vision is to promote the safety, sovereignty, and sacred status of Native women by raising the voices of American Indian/Alaska Native women on the issue of domestic violence tribally and statewide.


This includes collaboration in setting trauma and culturally informed priorities, designing and implementing assessments, and analyzing/disseminating results in problem-solving and educating through training, technical assistance, consulting, and raising awareness for domestic and sexual violence as it intersects with sex trafficking, teen dating violence, diversity/inclusion efforts, Murdered and Missing Indigenous Relatives, prosecution, public policy, Disabilities, housing, and substance abuse. MSH has designed a library of Tactic brochures and various other resources available on our Resources page. MSH can assist with SA/DV community programming, prevention, engaging men and youth, Native women’s leadership and other areas specific to addressing violence against Native people. To request technical assistance or training, email to contact@mshoop.org.


MSH-TA is dedicated to the safety and sovereignty of Native women, assisting Native communities in the development and enhancement of culturally-specific responses to violence against women based on each community’s unique circumstances.

We provide culturally relevant training and workshops to Tribal programs on addressing violence against Native women in the following areas:

Intimate Partner Violence and Responding to IPV in Native Communities

Creating a Coordinated Community Response in Tribal Communities (Online with Tribal community and partners)

Principles of Advocacy – Advocating for Native Women Experiencing Domestic/Sexual Violence

Training and workshops are developed in partnership with you to fit your community’s needs and resources. To request online training:

Call us toll-free at 888-305-1650, menu option 1 or Email: contact@mshoop.org.

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