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The Mending the Sacred Hoop Coalition is a statewide Tribal Domestic Violence Coalition serving all tribal communities as well as urban and community programs in the state of Minnesota. The purpose of our coalition is to build the capacity of survivors, advocates, Native women’s organizations, and victim service providers to end violence against Native people.

We believe that community organizing and dialogue at the local level increases the opportunity to develop strong, cooperative working relationships with one another in the work to end violence against women in our communities. The challenge for our communities is to reclaim traditional views of women, developing culturally based responses to intimate partner violence that ensure the safety of Native families and hold those who batter accountable for their use of violence.

The Sacred Hoop Coalition provides training, technical assistance, and resources to Native communities in Minnesota organizing to address domestic violence. It is our goal to build community-based responses that address violence against Indian women, keeping their voices at the forefront of our work.

The Sacred Hoop Coalition is supported by grant no. 2020-IW-AX-0003 awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice. The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed are those of the SHC and do not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women.


The Sacred Hoop Tribal Coalition works to eliminate violence against Native women and its effects by promoting justice and the restoration of the traditional status of Indigenous women. The Coalition exists to build the capacity of survivors, advocates, American Indian women’s organizations, and victim service providers across the state of Minnesota to end violence against Native women.



Access resources, training, and information to assist in your work to address violence against Native women.



Sacred Hoop Coalition Native Women’s Advisory Board

The purpose of the Native Women’s Advisory Board is to build the capacity of Native women throughout the state of Minnesota by organizing, educating, and addressing the needs of Native survivors in Native communities in both a Tribal and Statewide arena. The Board informs the Coalition’s work through identifying issues faced by their communities, on and off-reservation regarding violence against Native women, with the goal of creating change at both the government and community level to barriers faced by Native survivors of intimate partner violence.

The Coalition has three priorities which the Board helps implement within their tribal communities:

  • To increase statewide education on the issues faced by Native survivors and increase the visibility of Native survivors of domestic violence.
  • To enhance the capacity of Native programs and advocates.
  • To identify emerging issues and needs as identified by coalition members to organize on and to build into training and technical assistance.

The current Sacred Hoop Coalition Native Women’s Advisory Board members and their affiliated communities are:

Beth O'KeefeUpper/Lower Sioux Reservations
Beth is an enrolled band member with the Lower Sioux Indian Community in Minnesota. Beth is currently an advocate providing assistance for Native victims of domestic and sexual abuse in Redwood Falls, MN for the Minnesota Indigenous Women’s Society. Beth is a current board member with the Women’s Society of the Great Plains. As an advisory board member for the Sacred Hoop Coalition, she provides insights into the issues of violence Native women are experiencing living on the Upper and Lower Sioux Communities in addition to building programming geared towards Dakota traditions, values, and teachings.
Deb NorthrupFond du Lac Reservation/Sawyer
Deb is a Mille Lacs Band member who makes her home in Sawyer, Minnesota with her husband of thirty-eight years. She is the mother of two children, grandmother to eight grandchildren and a great grandmother to two children and is very involved in her grandchildren’s lives. Deb embraces the traditional Ojibwe culture through Midewiwin and the Big Drum Society. She is a believer in the everyday heroes who aid their fellow sisters and brothers in finding their way to health and healing. Deb’s work experience is largely in the human services field: she has worked as a group home counselor, in Indian education for a Tribal grant school, and as a traditional health assistant. She has been trained in conflict mediation, group facilitation, and basic helping skills. Deb also spends her time doing volunteer work for the Minnesota American Indian Institute on Alcohol and Drug Studies, where she sits on their planning committee.
Lorraine WhiteMinneapolis Urban Area
Lorraine is an enrolled member of the Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota Tribe in South Dakota. She attended a boarding school just outside of Sisseton until the age of twelve and then finished school in Minneapolis, MN. She has over twenty-five years of experience working with youth and families from diverse backgrounds, addressing multiple issues dealing with personal growth and development. Lorraine has a strong commitment and dedication to working with Native American youth and families. She was instrumental in the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center (MIWRC) Family Stabilization program, receiving a national award from the Annie E. Casey Foundation for outstanding work in program development. She continues to be involved in and partner with various committees and organized groups to strengthen programs in the community that she works and lives in. Lorraine currently is the Family Stabilization Program Director for the MIWRC. Her work experience is in management and supervision, domestic violence and sexual violence, advocacy, parenting, life skills, substance abuse, systems advocacy, and program development. Because Lorraine is a survivor of childhood trauma, she is inspired to work with youth and their families and to seek appropriate resources that promote living healthy and substance-free lifestyles.
Deanna RederDuluth Urban Area
Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, Deanna Reder has always had a passion for wanting to make a difference in the community. Deanna attended DePauw University in Greencastle, IN, and received her Bachelor of Arts in political science and anthropology in 2016. Deanna currently serves as the Legal Advocate for Dabinoo’Igan Domestic Violence Shelter. She provides legal advocacy by assisting with filing OFPs/HROs and helps navigate victim/survivors through the judicial system. Deanna also serves as an Overnight Women’s Advocate at Safe Haven Shelter & Resource Center. The victim survivors that Deanna works with are a true inspiration because she can watch them become empowered and foster healthy relationships. Deanna wants families to have their voices heard and provide the necessary support they need so that they feel they can succeed in the community by fostering and creating strong community connections for the families that she works within her field. Fun fact: Deanna loves cats and is surrounded by four fur-babies.
Jacki KozlowskiGrand Portage Band of Chippewa
Jacki is an enrolled member of the Grand Portage Band in Minnesota. She grew up in Duluth and Grand Portage. After college, she moved back to Grand Portage and worked as the Education Director for the Band for eight years. Jacki participated in the local Indian Education Committee, the State of MN Indian Education Committee, and the MN Indian Scholarship Committee, all three of which promote education for American Indian students. She has been actively involved with the Child Protection Team and Adult Care Team Boards for the last two years. Jacki is very involved in her community and cares about the health and safety of band members. For the last six years, Jacki has been a part of the first responder team located within the Grand Portage Reservation. For the last eight years, she has sat on the Housing Board of Commissioners, which helps maintain safe and healthy living for all band members. Currently, Jacki is the mental health worker and domestic violence advocate for Grand Portage Human Services. She is involved in ending violence against Native women because she sees domestic violence in many forms throughout the reservation and believes that women and children need a safe and confidential space to tell their stories and to have someone available that will listen, believe, and stand with them no matter what. Jacki believes strongly that the violence needs to stop, so she has joined the Sacred Hoop Coalition as an advisory board member to help bring awareness to the violence happening within tribal communities and eliminate the invisibility of Native survivors.
Loreen EsteyWhite Earth Reservation
Loreen is an enrolled band member with the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota. She graduated from Bemidji State University with her Criminal Justice Degree in Victimology. Her experience involves working alongside women on the White Earth Reservation fighting against domestic violence. She helped advocate in the court system for survivors of domestic violence and she also participates in peaceful protests against the drug epidemic plaguing the White Earth Reservation. She now works as a Student Success Coordinator for a school where she advocates for children and parents. Loreen also volunteers in her community, transporting / rescuing animals. Loreen is a mother of 2 young boys and is a survivor of domestic violence. She has dealt with trauma as a child growing up and she is able to use this in a positive way to bring understanding and awareness for our children in the school system.
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Open Advisory Board Positions

Red Lake Nation – Open
Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe – Open
Bois Forte Band of Chippewa – Open
Prairie Island Indian Community – Open
Bemidji Urban Area – Open
Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe – Open

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