COVID19: Coping with Anxiety

  As we continue journeying through the uncharted waters of the coronavirus pandemic, there are likely many “shoulds” and “coulds” that come into our minds in any given moment. All too often, those “shoulds” encourage us to reach outside of ourselves and find solutions to ease the discomfort. Like many things, reaching outside of ourselves […]

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COVID19: Triggers and Isolation

  Due to the current COVID19 health pandemic and having to self-isolate and implement social distancing, many of us are feeling triggered by past wounds or have out of control anxiety about “What If” and “What Now”. Social Media at its best is not helpful when we think about panic and anxiety and how all […]

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Domestic Violence: Collusion & Coercion

“Robert and I have known each other since grade school; we’ve been together for about four years and have two children – Amy is 2 years old and Jason is 3 months. We’ve had arguments and fights and separated a couple of times. Robert’s family has interfered from time to time, always taking his side. […]

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Imagine this: “I’ve just been assaulted by my husband, the police are called, they get him out of the house, and a few days later his sister and his female cousins stop by and harass me for calling the police on him.  A week later, I see them at the community center, they give me […]

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Working to End Violence Against Native American Women

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