Native Videos Examining Domestic Violence

Mending the Sacred Hoop created these videos to help people identify the abusive and controlling behaviors that make up the dynamics of intimate partner violence. Originally intended for use in groups for men who batter, they are just as useful to show at domestic violence community forums or at Domestic Violence Awareness Month events.

How to Use These Videos
Each is video formatted (except the final “Man to “Man” video) to allow viewers to identify battering – the tactics of power and control – as well as demonstrating the impact of battering behavior on partners, and the belief system supporting the use of violence and control. The first part of each video shows the incident. This is followed by the intent, or what the batterer wanted to accomplish. Each video then closes with an examination of the impact of the batterer’s use of violence/control tactics.

It is highly recommended that you have a copy of the Power & Control Wheel and review the tactics on the wheel with your group before viewing the videos in order to identify the power and control tactics being used in each scene.

There are two ways in which to use these videos to identify and discuss intimate partner violence: 1) Each video can be viewed in its entirety followed by a discussion examining the tactics and dynamics of domestic violence, or 2) The video can be paused after each section for a discussion of the incident, intent, and impact; pausing allows viewers time to identify and name tactics they see being used and where they saw them in the video. Repeat for each video and summarize the discussion or recap the power and control tactics, emphasizing that battering is about more than physical force.

Below is a brief outline for creating an agenda for a community forum on domestic violence, men’s group/batterer’s intervention program, women’s support/education group, or multidisciplinary team meeting/coordinated community response (MDT/CCR) meeting.

Agenda Outline

  • Review “Power & Control Wheel” – 15 min
  • View and process vignettes – 30 min
  • Summary, comments and questions – 15 min
  • Review “Equality Wheel” – 15 min
  • Discuss “Making healthy relationships” – 15 min
  • Domestic Violence Videos
  • “About Last Night”

Faces of Violence Video Series

Faces of Violence Sample Discussion Questions:

  • What is happening to the woman in the story?
  • What is your reaction to what is happening to her?
  • What types of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual abuse occurred in the story?
  • What would keep the woman in the story from seeking help?
  • What are some challenges she would face in getting services from institutions (like courts or child protection) or from family members?
  • In what ways does the story reflect issues in your own community?

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