Creating and Sustaining TCU Campus Led Coordinated Community Response Teams: Red Wind Consulting

A campus response to sexual assault can include many campus staff working in different departments. Campus Security, Title IX investigators, Counselors, Cultural Centers, and faculty could be responding to students who have experienced sexual assault. It is critical that there is a clear and consistent response to ensure that students receive the support and services they need. In the first webinar in this series, presenters will define what a campus-led coordinated response team (CCR) is, who the key players are in a campus CCR, and how to develop plans, visions, protocols. The second part of this series will be a hands-on approach, including steps to developing a coordinated community response team and how to sustain one through time.

Supporting Friends Who Have Experienced Sexual Assault on Campus Webinar: Red Wind Consulting

Friends are often the first person a victim of sexual assault will go to. It is important that students have information on sexual assault in case they need to be of support to their friends. This webinar will provide information for students on what they need to know when a friend has been sexually assaulted such as: safety, trauma-informed support, impacts of sexual violence, secondary trauma, and the importance of believing their friends. Students will also learn how they can lead the way when it comes to ending sexual assault on their campus and in their communities.

How to Respond to Students Who Disclose Sexual Assault Webinar: Red Wind Consulting

Students who have been sexually assaulted may turn to a professor directly or they may disclose through an assignment. It is critical that faculty and staff know how to respond to students in a way that does not re-traumatize students. Faculty and staff should be aware of on-and-off campus resources along with any accommodations they are able to provide. In this webinar, faculty and staff will learn what it means to respond in a trauma-informed way for students who disclose sexual assault, and what they should know ahead of time in case of a disclosure.

Responding to Male Victims/Survivors on Your Tribal College Campus Webinar: Red Wind Consulting

Men are the neglected victim of all forms of sexual violence including being abused as a boy. Sexual abuse and violence are widespread in our society and denial is strong. The impact of sexual abuse and violence against heterosexual and gay men as adults and as children will be discussed. As well as the mental health issues experienced by LGBTQ2S+ Victims/Survivors and the issues that prevent the individual from having healthy relationships.

Ensuring Your Response Is Appropriate for LGBTQ2S+ Victims/Survivors of Sexual Assault on Tribal College Campus Webinar: Red Wind Consulting

The historical roles and identities of Two-Spirit/Native LGBTQ people and how Native American Historical and the impact of Intergenerational Trauma on this community, including how this once honored and respected individual is now ostracized within our tribal communities. We will examine the high rates of violence, sexual assault and the vulnerabilities of our Two-Spirit/Native LGBTQ adult, youth, and community; as well as provide ways in which Tribal Colleges and Universities can ensure they are responding holistically to LGBTQ2S students impacted by sexual violence. We will highlight how the Two-Spirit/Native LGBTQ community is individually and collectively trying to bring balance, beauty, and acceptance back into our tribal communities.