Responses for our Two-spirit/LGBTQ Relatives Webinar: Red Wind Consulting

11:00 am AKDT | 12:00 pm PDT |1:00 pm MDT | 2:00 pm CDT | 3:00 pm EDT. The Honor Project, reported by the Indigenous Wellness Research Institute at the University of Washington (2010), indicates high levels of assault among Two-spirit people in the United States: 78% of female-identified respondents reported physical abuse in their lifetime and 85% experienced sexual assault in their lifetime. There is a high need for responses, and it is critical that we respond to our Two-spirit relatives. This webinar will discuss the impacts of sexual abuse and domestic violence against our Two-spirit/LGBTQ relatives. What “Two-spirit” means and what our Two-spirit relatives identify as. Red Wind’s Responses for Urban Native Programs T/TA Project will also discuss the mental health, safety issues, and unique challenges experienced by LGBTQ2S+ survivors that reside in urban locations.

Walking Alongside Two-spirit Survivors of Violence and Trafficking: A Personal Healing Journey, MSH-TA Webinar Series

Two-spirit youth are at high risk of violence and exploitation. They are also often overlooked and underserved in the systems meant to protect them. Through the lens of her personal story of being trafficked, Jessica Gidagaakoons Smith, a two-spirit survivor and legal scholar, will present her extensive research on the MMIWG2S epidemic and discuss ways that agencies can start implementing changes and educating advocates to better serve all survivors by being culturally supportive and inclusive.

Responding to Male Victims/Survivors on Your Tribal College Campus Webinar: Red Wind Consulting

Men are the neglected victim of all forms of sexual violence including being abused as a boy. Sexual abuse and violence are widespread in our society and denial is strong. The impact of sexual abuse and violence against heterosexual and gay men as adults and as children will be discussed. As well as the mental health issues experienced by LGBTQ2S+ Victims/Survivors and the issues that prevent the individual from having healthy relationships.

Implications of COVID-19 for LGBTQ and Two Spirit Youth Mental Health Webinar: Red Wind Consulting

Webinar to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on LGBTQ and 2 Spirit youth in Tribal Communities. Challenges such as social distancing and school closures will be discussed. As well as ways to affirm identity, build strong support systems, including supportive individuals and extracurricular activities.

Ensuring Your Response Is Appropriate for LGBTQ2S+ Victims/Survivors of Sexual Assault on Tribal College Campus Webinar: Red Wind Consulting

The historical roles and identities of Two-Spirit/Native LGBTQ people and how Native American Historical and the impact of Intergenerational Trauma on this community, including how this once honored and respected individual is now ostracized within our tribal communities. We will examine the high rates of violence, sexual assault and the vulnerabilities of our Two-Spirit/Native LGBTQ adult, youth, and community; as well as provide ways in which Tribal Colleges and Universities can ensure they are responding holistically to LGBTQ2S students impacted by sexual violence. We will highlight how the Two-Spirit/Native LGBTQ community is individually and collectively trying to bring balance, beauty, and acceptance back into our tribal communities.