Reclaiming Identity: The Power of Who We Think We Are

How do we reclaim our own stories and the story of our community? This presentation will focus on ways we can undo who we are not and the power of reclaiming who we really are. We as all people, especially Indigenous People, can have no higher thought than who we think we are and who our communities are. In this webinar, Christina Love, ANDVSA Senior Specialist, will share the importance of story and how we see ourselves and the communities that grow us, including the importance of strong roots and some of the liberating practices that she has learned from growing back into community. Presented by Christina Love, Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

Weaving Our Wisdom by Decolonizing Our Work: MSH-TA Webinar Series

Online session examining some of the current habits that impact our daily lives through our organizations, community structures, and the ways that we move through the world. We will explore how we have taken on harmful attitudes and behaviors that do not reflect our values as Native people. We will create space to reflect on how we can decolonize our own individual practices to make change for our communities by weaving together our collective wisdom to end gender-based violence.

Historical Trauma, Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault Programs Relationships with Tribal Communities Webinar: NICCSA

Historical trauma can be defined as the accumulation of emotional pain and suffering caused by a traumatic experience or event, experienced by an individual or by multiple generations. This  2-hour webinar will discuss historical trauma related to sexual violence and how it relates to American Indian/Alaska Native patients; and SANEs in Tribal communities.