Working to End Violence Against Native American Women

MENDING THE SACRED HOOP works from a social change perspective to end violence against Native women and children while restoring the safety, sovereignty, and sacredness of Native women. We are committed to strengthening the voice and vision of Native peoples through grassroots organizing, restoring the leadership of Native women in addressing and ending domestic and sexual violence nationally.

Mending the Sacred Hoop Technical Assistance Project (TA-Project) provides comprehensive training and technical assistance nationally to Office on Violence Against Women Tribal grantees to support them in their efforts to address domestic and sexual violence against women in their communities.

Through the Sacred Hoop Tribal Domestic Violence Coalition, we work to organize and raise the voices of Native women throughout Minnesota to build the capacity of survivors, advocates, Native women’s organizations and victim service providers to end domestic violence against American Indian women. For information on upcoming coalition events, go to Sacred Hoop Coalition Events.

Mending the Sacred Hoop’s local work has included the Giwiidookaadimin (We, All of Us, Help Each Other) Project, which was formed to enhance culturally specific services for Native women who have been sexually assaulted in Duluth, MN. For information on upcoming events, go to Local Events.

Mending the Sacred Hoop, Inc. is supported by the U. S. Dept. of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women; the Minnesota Office of Justice Programs; and generous contributions from individual donors. Miigwech!