Social Marketing 101 Webinar: Qizhjeh Heritage Institute

Introducing the concept of social and behavior change through the practice of social marketing. Presenters will explain how social marketing can be used as a method for combating violence against women and children in Native communities.

Virtual Training – Housing and Advocate Response Teams (HART): Partnerships Beyond Basic Housing, Red Wind Consulting

Two top concerns for survivors of domestic violence are safe housing and economic resources to maintain safety. Advocates are consistently seeking safe housing options for survivors, and housing authorities are looking for ways to build in programming to enhance family stability. How can Tribal advocates and Tribal housing authorities build a collaborative team in order to address these top concerns? This 3-day virtual conference will provide guidance on how a housing multi- disciplinary team can work together, through crisis and long-term responses, to fill Tribal housing gaps.

Sexual Assault in Intimate Partner Relationships: MSH-TA Webinar Series

This webinar will discuss the prevalence of intimate partner sexual assault, the challenges associated with reporting and the specific healthcare and safety needs of American Indian/Alaska Native survivors.

Unique Legal Issues for Urban Victims Webinar: Red Wind Consulting, Inc.

Native Americans are a nearly invisible population in urban areas across the United States and they possess a unique legal status that many non-Natives have little to no understanding about. Sadly, this makes working with this population potentially quite harmful. This session will provide an overview of tribal jurisdiction and relevant laws that impact tribal life both on and off tribal lands. We will identity common legal issues that can impact the way a person would provide services and how to begin identifying when to seek additional expertise so that no harm is done to a victim by a service provider. Resources will be discussed that can be accessed to assist programs when working with unique legal issues.

Systems Advocacy Responses for Housing Q & A Session: Red Wind Consulting

A follow-up Q&A session for April 8th’s webinar on Systems Advocacy Responses for Housing: Advocates struggle with a lack of available and affordable housing in tribal communities, while survivors face barriers getting their housing applications approved. Federal funds have just been released to tribes and tribal housing authorities to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. These funds can be used for system-level changes, including tribal housing development and improvements. Covid-19 and “stay at home” orders have created additional dangers for victims and increased the need for safe housing to flee from violence. This webinar brainstormed ideas, and gave specific examples from other tribal communities. Also covered were approaches for educating and advocating for short and long-term system responses to meet the needs of survivors, as well as new resources, tools, and ongoing technical assistance available to make these system level changes realistically manageable.