Reclaiming Identity: The Power of Who We Think We Are

How do we reclaim our own stories and the story of our community? This presentation will focus on ways we can undo who we are not and the power of reclaiming who we really are. We as all people, especially Indigenous People, can have no higher thought than who we think we are and who our communities are. In this webinar, Christina Love, ANDVSA Senior Specialist, will share the importance of story and how we see ourselves and the communities that grow us, including the importance of strong roots and some of the liberating practices that she has learned from growing back into community. Presented by Christina Love, Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

Advocating for Children and Youth Experiencing Trauma: Red Wind Consulting

Tribal communities have statistically high rates of children and youth affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, teen dating and sex trafficking. This webinar will discuss how children experience trauma, how their trauma symptoms can look different, and what is typically expected when providing advocacy for children and youth. Each child’s reactions to trauma will be different, but almost all children who experience trauma will have emotional or behavioral changes for some time. Reactions can become problematic when they become severe and ongoing. This webinar will examine trauma and how to provide services and supports that lessen the trauma impact related to domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, teen dating and sex trafficking.

Building Cultural and Traditional Services in Schools: The power of our language, Red Wind Consulting

In this webinar we will discuss how using empowering words today can have a powerful impact on our children. Taking a deeper look at our own language and the words our ancestors spoke helps us unlock a missing piece of ourselves. When we speak our language, we become connected in a way that can’t be seen but felt. How can introducing cultural and language class in your school help children and youth affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, teen dating and sex trafficking? This webinar will focus on using empowering words to support survivors.

Sex Trafficking in Indian Country and Alaska Webinar, Part 2: IAFN

This webinar will include an overview of the role health professionals play in responding to trafficking victims. We will examine the need for Forensic Examiners to create a critical and coordinated response to sex trafficked victims in Indian Country. Identifying victim safety and their needs are vital decisions when coordinating efforts and removing barriers. Understanding importance of cross training in Indian Country by using a coordinated effort will improve a safe transition for the victim and successful prosecution.

Resilient Housing and Advocate Response Teams (HART): Red Wind Consulting

By working as allies, Tribal Advocates and Tribal Housing Authorities can expand each other’s capacity, increase survivor options, fill tribal housing gaps, and improve long term outcomes. Each partner brings a certain skill set, knowledge base, and networking circle that can be beneficial for survivors who are participating in housing programs. This webinar will include guidance to start and sustain your housing partnerships, with some tips for staying on track. If you are already involved in Housing and Advocate Response Team (HART) work, then this webinar will also provide an opportunity for a HART check-in. You’ll be able to reflect on issues that may have come up, and consider potential action steps to work through those issues.