On July 14th, U.S. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco directed federal attorneys and law enforcement agencies to prioritize violent crimes against women in Indian Country. In a memorandum, Deputy Attorney General Monaco, declared it a priority for the Department of Justice to work alongside tribal nations and federal enforcement agencies, to address the disproportionately high rate of violent crimes committed against indigenous women.

Deputy Attorney General Monaco, said in her remarks, the action reaffirms the commitment by the Department of Justice to promote public safety in Indian country, and respecting tribal sovereignty. As tribes know best how to make their communities safer, tribal engagement is the cornerstone as the department reviews it’s policies. And federal enforcement agencies will continue to work with tribal partners in support of public safety. The memorandum will build upon other policies and procedures by the department that have been implemented over the past decade, mostly within the past three years.

To read the full memorandum follow this link.

To read Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco’s statement follow this link.