Systems Advocacy: Creating Safe, Respectful & Effective Responses Part 3


  “I was so tired I could hardly think. Petrified about going to court.  The prosecutor was an angel. Kind, patient. He actually said he was sorry I got beaten up, I didn’t deserve it – no matter what. Then he said he would do the prosecution without me if I wanted. The cops did a great job investigating, documenting, and the doctor did a detailed report, so it was possible for him to go ahead without me!” “I was a new advocate in a new domestic violence program on a reservation of about 5,500 people. Went to the police station [...]

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Systems Advocacy: Creating Safe, Respectful & Effective Responses Part 2


  “It was about six months after my children and I finally got a house in tribal housing. I was struggling to get to work, take care of the kids and keep the car working. I needed my ex to watch the children a couple days a week so I could work. I trusted him to take good care of them for that amount of time. One day I drove to town, about 18 miles away, to get my paperwork up-dated for food stamps. I handed my papers to the worker. She gave me a mean look, grabbing the papers from [...]

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Systems Advocacy: Creating Safe, Respectful & Effective Responses


  “I spent 4 days in jail for an unpaid traffic ticket. My boyfriend beat me up and I called the cops. He was gone by the time they got to my house. But they ran my name and arrested me…” “It was such a struggle - I needed to get a protection order against my husband. Took time off from work, got a ride from a friend…embarrassing, depressing. I wanted me and my kids to be safe, sleep good at night... I asked the clerk of courts for the protection order form. The clerk looked exasperated, didn’t even say hello. [...]

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COVID19: Coping with Anxiety


  As we continue journeying through the uncharted waters of the coronavirus pandemic, there are likely many “shoulds” and “coulds” that come into our minds in any given moment. All too often, those “shoulds” encourage us to reach outside of ourselves and find solutions to ease the discomfort. Like many things, reaching outside of ourselves is not our natural response, but rather a learned, conditioned response. We have been conditioned to do this. We have been conditioned to believe that if something feels wrong, there is something out there that will fix it. So we reach. We reach for the thing [...]

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COVID19: Triggers and Isolation


  Due to the current COVID19 health pandemic and having to self-isolate and implement social distancing, many of us are feeling triggered by past wounds or have out of control anxiety about “What If” and “What Now”. Social Media at its best is not helpful when we think about panic and anxiety and how all the worse case scenarios are constantly in our faces and on our minds. If you have been in previously abusive relationships or are currently in one, isolation can be the death of you, metaphorically speaking or not. Do you feel like screaming and crying most days [...]

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