Available Technical Assistance and
Training for Tribal Programs


Our mission is to restore safety and integrity to Native women by assisting Native sovereign nations in strengthening their response to violence against American Indian/Alaska Native women. We work to improve the safety of Native women who experience battering, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking by assisting Tribal communities and programs with training, technical assistance and resource materials that specifically address violence against American Indian/Alaska Native women.

MSH-TA works with Tribal communities, villages, reservations, rancherias and pueblos across the country to improve the justice system, law enforcement, and service provider responses to intimate partner violence, sexual assault and stalking in Native communities.

Technical Assistance and Training

Available Technical Assistance and Training for Tribal Programs
On-site (in-person) technical assistance and training is currently on hold due to COVID-19. But we are available to provide one-on-one technical assistance and consultations online via meeting software, teleconferencing, and email. MSH-TA can assist with grant implementation and programming, prevention, engaging men and youth, Native women’s leadership and other areas specific to addressing violence against women.

Need technical assistance? Email MSH-TA at contact@mshoop.org.



MSH-TA is dedicated to the safety and sovereignty of Native women, assisting Native communities in the development and enhancement of culturally-specific responses to violence against women based on each community’s unique circumstances.

We provide culturally relevant training and workshops to Tribal programs on addressing violence against Native women in the following areas:

Intimate Partner Violence and Responding to IPV in Native Communities

Creating a Coordinated Community Response in Tribal Communities (Online with Tribal community and partners)

Principles of Advocacy – Advocating for Native Women Experiencing Domestic/Sexual Violence

Training and workshops are developed in partnership with you to fit your community’s needs and resources. To request online training:

Call us toll-free at 888-305-1650, menu option 1 or Email: contact@mshoop.org.

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