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Mending the Sacred Hoop On-site Training

We are pleased to announce that the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) has awarded Mending the Sacred Hoop TA Project (MSH-TA) to provide on-site training and technical assistance to OVW Tribal grantees on developing and implementing a victim-centered coordinated community response to domestic violence, dating violence and stalking in their communities.

MSH-TA’s on-site training and targeted TA assists Tribal grantees to enhance the safety of Native women and their children through the development and implementation of a coordinated community response to domestic violence in their communities, including:

  • Building a framework of understanding from which to respond to intimate partner violence between participating agencies interfacing in the lives of women experiencing domestic violence;
  • Developing, building, and increasing partnerships between systems;
  • Developing participating system policies, procedures and protocols that provide safety to victims of intimate partner violence and uphold offender accountability;
  • Monitoring and strengthening the response to domestic violence, including systems advocacy.

This on-site training opportunity is available at no cost to all Office on Violence Against Women Tribal grantees wishing to develop and implement a coordinated community response to intimate partner violence or strengthen the current coordinated response (CCR) in their communities. You can request on-site CCR training for your community online, via our Onsite Training Request; by calling us at 888-305-1650 or by emailing us. For information about MSH-TA’s Coordinated Community Response Training, see our Trainings.

Supported by grant no. 2013-TA-AX-K027 awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. DoJ. Opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the U.S. DoJ, Office on Violence Against Women.