Sacred Hoop Tribal Domestic Violence Coalition Events

6th Annual Domestic Violence Symposium: Healing Generations

November 29-30th 2017
Grand Casino Hinkley
Hinkley, MN

The Sacred Hoop Coalition’s 6th Annual Domestic Violence Symposium is right around the corner! The symposium is a great opportunity to discuss emerging trends and issues, as well as strategize ways to make our communities and programs safe and accessible to Native survivors of domestic violence. For those of you who are new to the field, this a great place to network and build a working support circle for you and your organization.

This year’s symposium will focus on Healing Generations in the efforts to end the cycle of violence in our families and communities. At this year’s symposium we will be looking at root causes of inter-generational trauma and lateral violence and their impact on tribal communities; while proactively working toward restorative measures rooted in our cultural teachings, developing new advocate training and tools to cope with vicarious trauma. There will be opportunities to learn, network, provide feedback, and help the Sacred Hoop Coalition develop new materials. How do we as tribal programs unite and further the movement to end violence against Native women?

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