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Working with Dreams, Fantasies and Twisted Thoughts from an Aboriginal Focusing-Oriented Therapy Approach
With Shirley Turcotte and Jeffrey Schiffer, Ph.D

FREE and Open to the Public

September 21st, 2017

9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Dr. Robert Powless Cultural Center

212 W. 2nd St. Duluth, MN

In this workshop, we will examine some current western and Indigenous concepts on why we dream. Using Aboriginal Focusing-Oriented Therapy (AFOT) perspectives and approaches. We will look at the importance of dreams when unraveling trauma and intergenerational wounds and acknowledge them as being places to open to for healing and resiliencies. You will explore ways of noticing within dreams, trauma flashbacks, visits, strengths and how dreams can be stepping-stones into health. You will also explore how the same tools used in working with night dreams are useful in working with daydreams, fantasies and twisted thoughts. A full understanding of AFOT is not required to benefit from this course.

This introductory, hands-on, experiential course is intended for counselors, social workers, crisis teams, healers, therapists, doctors, nurses and teachers, as well as those who work in/with public & private agencies, hospitals, community mental health centers, educational settings, and/or in various other cross-cultural situations/settings including communities of color.

For more information, contact Randi Omdahl, Sacred Hoop Coalition Training & Curriculum Coordinator.




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